First Blog Post! Welcome!

Amy Thompson ·

Hey all! It only took me a year to finally start writing this blog. :P

If you’ve never shopped with me before, let me introduce myself. My name is Amy. I’m married to a wonderful man named Jason who runs a logging operation and am the mom to two little ones named Beau and Henley. We have three dogs, two yellow labs and one yorkipoo and live in Washburn, Maine. 

As a mom of two and working from home, I am all about items that are comfy, casual, and versatile. Here at Pine Threads, I’ve really tried to always keep those three little adjectives in mind whenever I’m bringing new items into the shop.

Activewear has recently been added to the lineup and I’m so excited about this! Whether you’re going to the gym or heading to the grocery store, these items are super cute, comfy, and stylish. 

I also have a Facebook group called Pine Threads Boutique if you’d ever like to be updated on all the items I’m bringing into the store or debating on ordering. I ALWAYS look to my customers to make sure I’m bringing items in that you love.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime at my e-mail, I’m really looking forward to writing more blog posts as we start to gear up for the 2019 fall season!